Miami Lakes Family Chiropractic Patient Testimonials


Patient Comes All The Way From The Bahamas To Get Chiropractic!



Patient Discusses How Her Quality Of Life Has Improved Through Chiropractic Care



Patient Speaks Out About Dr. Cohen And Dr. Lee



Patient Talks About His Struggle With Ringing In The Ears/Tinnitus, Shoulder, And Lower Back Pain.




Patient Suffers From Vision Problems & Low Energy, Gets Better With Chiropractic Care




Patient Talks About Mid Back Pain, And Pain Between The Shoulder Blades After Giving Birth.




Patient Discusses How Chiropractic Care Helped Her Overcome Issues With Walking, High Blood Pressure, And Diabetes.




Patient Talks About Being Pain Free After Suffering With Numbness Down Her Leg



Patient with excruciating neck & arm pain, is feeling much better thanks to adjustments & our spinal decompression


Patient Talks About Her Vision Clearing Up From Her Neck Adjustments

Patient Gives His Testimonial On Neck Pain From Cervical Stenosis


Disc Herniation Healed With Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression